Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Project

2015 project: I will make one mini-quilt every week, trying to finish it by Sunday night, but of course here it is with two Sunday nights already passed and none posted yet. BUT they are almost ready, the first three! 
Here We Go!!!!!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

I finally did it!

Ever since I received THIS  beautiful block from Madame Parfait I have wanted to try her pattern and I finally did. So satisfying! A very well written pattern and a beautiful block. Watch out 4 x 5 Bee Hive Two... they are coming!

Three quilts for the first grandbaby

Turns out a very small quilt is highly useful for a new guy.

And two crib quilts, even if babies no longer use covers in their cribs. Still colorful and useful!

A new year of Bee Blocks!

My "Simply Solids Bee" is taking a break for a bit, but four of us are continuing in our own Tiny Simply Solids Bee. Anna Maria Horner's Feathers were a joy to make!

This faux Cathedral Windows block is surprisingly easy and fun.

And for the bee I have been in the longest, Sew Bee Wonky, I have no idea why I struggled so much to make trees that are WONKY!?! 

The third try is closer to the pattern but still not very wonky.
But won't this be the cutest quilt? 

Baby quilts ready to quilt!

"Central Park" quilt from pre-cuts. Gosh I made the half-square triangles so LONG ago!

A pre-cut pack from a sweet bee friend... 

I found this layer cake set on sale at Fabric Shack and I just love how it looks with the Kona Ash. the colors are not as bright as this photo... 

The grandson...

...wearing the hat his aunt made for him.
She just sat down and made up the pattern, just like that!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

So how about something new?

Life keeps moving on!
I have made many quilts in my head, and some in actuality, but most are in a stack of boxes in various stages of finish. 
It occurred to me that perhaps I don't actually like to finish my quilts because then I am inclined to give them away. And then I miss them.
I will try keeping the next quilts I finish. I would like to have a whole cupboard full of quilts that I made. And then I would love to have everyone in the world wrapped in a quilt that I make. I guess I better get busy.

A quilt for Caleb, bee blocks for Sew Bee Wonky, a quilt for Winona, and blocks for my Simply Solids Bee.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Laying out my 2011 block a day quilt.

Laying out my 2011 block a day quilt. by 1toefeather1
I think with so many thing in life that the reasons to do them change over time, and the sense of it all comes and goes, but this project was started on what feels right now like a whim, and still taught me so much in life. The value of how astounding a little bit of time each day can add up to something AMAZING!
Now this quilt may be a bit too much as an aesthetic composition, but as a year of my life it has so much beauty to me. I am REALLY pleased. And I will begin to sew it together bit by bit... and the seemingly huge task really doesn't look so daunting now. And I am looking forward to what else I can accomplish!
I mentioned a while ago that my next project is one hundred paintings and they are underway. Just a little every day... pictures when I am brave enough!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The last three blocks for the quilt. I have finished!

BaD final blocks by 1toefeather1
BaD final blocks, a photo by 1toefeather1 on Flickr.
I actually made a couple of extra blocks. I will take proper portraits of them soon but they are all done now. I cannot wait to begin to put them together!

BaD the last group! Yahoo!