Thursday, March 15, 2012

Laying out my 2011 block a day quilt.

Laying out my 2011 block a day quilt. by 1toefeather1
I think with so many thing in life that the reasons to do them change over time, and the sense of it all comes and goes, but this project was started on what feels right now like a whim, and still taught me so much in life. The value of how astounding a little bit of time each day can add up to something AMAZING!
Now this quilt may be a bit too much as an aesthetic composition, but as a year of my life it has so much beauty to me. I am REALLY pleased. And I will begin to sew it together bit by bit... and the seemingly huge task really doesn't look so daunting now. And I am looking forward to what else I can accomplish!
I mentioned a while ago that my next project is one hundred paintings and they are underway. Just a little every day... pictures when I am brave enough!


  1. omg your blocks look so gorgeous laid out all together! I'm way behind on mine - by now I've done just over 20 - and I also started the project on a whim back in November. Your blocks laid out give me the impetus to keep going, I'm loving it!

  2. Do you get the feeling you want to make "just a few more" after all this time?

  3. Amazing. Love all the colors and design.

  4. Well, obviously, I haven't stopped by for awhile, but the blocks put together are stunning. Great project. And you're so right...a little bit every day can make a big difference.
    best, nadia