Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Well clearly it isn't November, and clearly I haven't been keeping up with my blocks.  I guess things just came to a stop when my youngest came home from college for her last long winter break. Next year all Ohio state universities will convert to the semester system from quarters so the break will be shorter. 
And I just so much enjoy my time with her. But not a lot got done.
So now I am going to try to post two blocks a day until they are all complete. It should be done by the end of January. In between I have a few bee blocks to make and a baby quilt to finish and so many many unfinished projects. I think this year is going to be about putting together all of the quilts I have in parts right now. I have dropped all but a very few online bees to free up  time for my own work. So I am going to see if I can finish a quilt every month. That would be  good. 
And then my next big project is to do one hundred paintings. A college professor of mine once told me that you have to do one hundred bad paintings before you can even begin to be a painter. I want to be a painter. No need to be famous, just someone who is proud of and satisfied with what I paint. So one hundred paintings here I come. I won't set a timeline for that. Just do them as I can.
This new year started out with a rainbow. Driving to breakfast on New Year's day.
The second day brought big fluffy snow. and returning the daughter to school.
AND there is a plan for this year...  My husband and I will be getting our first EVER passports and then.....
Well let's just say 2012 is a VERY promising year!


  1. I remember those days. When they came home from college, you just wanted to be with them!! 100 paintings, Wow, I look forward to that process! Happy New Year!

  2. Maybe when I've sewn a hundred quilts I'll be a quilter.

    I was so happy to see your blocks popping up again this week. I know it must seem a burden sometimes, but I look forward to them. You've given me several true 'aha' moments and for that I am grateful.

    All the best in the new year!

  3. I just found your blog via pinterest. Don't you just love it? I have to say I am at awe at your block a day posts. Pure eye candy!!! Looking forward to your paintings. Such talent you have for fabric, color and design. Thanks for giving me a little boost to get in there and sew, sew, sew.