Monday, May 23, 2011

Tutorial for nine patch for Honey Bees

I know a basic Nine Patch block is not new to most of you. But just in case, a quick run-through.
You will need four 3.5"squares of Kona Ash and of the Hope Valley print you were sent. You will also need a 3.5" square of the solid color you were sent.
Lay out your blocks with the prints in the corners, then stitch the rows together.
Press the seams AWAY from the Kona Ash. This means that the center row seams will be pressed inward and the outer row seams will be pressed outward, which is good cuz it makes it go together so smoothly and the seams all match up.
Now is a great time to check measurements, makiing sure that the center square of each row is 3" now that it is stitched.
Now stitch the rows together and press the seams outward.
DONE! Don't even it up unless it is crazy out of whack. It should be pretty close to 9,5" square. Easy as pie!

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