Monday, April 4, 2011

April 2 & 3 Block a Day, Michigan

Weekend in Michigan to begin Spring Break 2011.
If you have never seen the Great lakes, they are incredible, beautiful, not like the ocean but not at all like an inland lake. Just unique. And the color on a sunny day is not like any other body of water. And they never fail to make me feel that I am home. Sigh... happy!
The beaches are sometimes stone covered, and sometimes sand with stones throughout. And the stones are worn smooth from hundreds of centuries of tumbling in the water. And their colors are rich and subtle and surprising. Inspiration for a million quilts!

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  1. As soon as I saw the first block I said "Michigan day!" That's when the sky is blue blue blue, the trees are lustrous green, and the air is crisp and clear. We don't get many Michigan days, even here in N. Ohio. I always need a Great Lakes fix at least once a year. I have a whole stash of rocks we've collected.