Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saturday Slacker

Saturday was lovely, sunny and 60 degrees. I would like to say I spent most of it outside, but really I spent it working on clay and quilting my piece for the soul show, which is due Friday.I ended up taking out all of the machine quilting and replacing it with hand quilting, which looks so much better and I am starting to like the piece. It is so much more difficult to make a statement with fabric because I just don't have the experience or practice yet. But it is working o.k. It won't be an award winner, but it is a very big first step for me!
Pics of that later, but for now, I got up this morning and did the block I didn't do yesterday, and made today's block.
March 12, and...
 March 13! Check out those curvy seams!
And the layout for my mom's quilt, with a really big thank you to all the ladies of "Bee There or Bee Squares". Didn't they do a great job?

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  1. All awesome! (And I showed hubby your stash~~he's less likely to whine about mine now! Thanks, Sista!