Saturday, January 22, 2011

A very productive day!

I finished a necklace. This will be useful and I like it!

 I finished a tote bag for a certain daughter-in-law. I left the dirt in place... it seemed more legitimate. But it has a nice lining with a cell phone pocket. 

And then...
My block for the day... happiness... really!

Then I washed the living room slipcovers, tweaked the design of this blog, (did you notice a difference?), started the quilting on the baby quilt, hemed and washed the living room drapes after only four years... go me... and now... well... I'm pooped!


  1. Wow! Sorta like you're reverse nesting or something. Don't over-tire yourself before school on Monday! Love the new bloggity blog background and stuff.

  2. Best.Mother-in-law.Ever! Thanks!