Monday, January 3, 2011

Project for 2011

I have a new project for 2011. I have always had a difficult time using little bits of time to accomplish big things. I have had this quilt in my head for a long time and have decided to make it square by square this year, one square each day. It will be all solid fabrics but I don't think I am going to plan a color scheme, I think I will just let it evolve organically. Each square is 4".
I was inspired by this post from Kathleen Loomis, at Art With a Needle. I love her writing and her work, but most of all I love her questions. She really keeps me thinking.
I realistically won't post every day, but here are 
January 1 and January 2.

Geoff suggested that I might make a note about each block. They definitely have meaning and it might be interesting to remember. January 1 is just about that conflict that is always in my heart at the end of Christmas. I am glad to clean up and get back to routine, but my daughters have left, one by one, and that is always hard. January 2 is about driving the last one back to college. Not a fan of doing that.

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