Sunday, January 9, 2011

January 8, Block a Day

Yesterday morning we walked along the river bottom at a place called "The Narrows". It is so beautiful. There were deer across the river that just sat and looked at us. And it was absolutely silent, not a car or a voice. Just us walking. Sun came through occasionally but mostly it was this quiet warm grey.
I am not in love with this block because it feels maybe too literal. But it forced some important questions for this process. Literal or not?, Are do-overs legal or do I have to keep the first block I produce for the day? Can I make a block ahead of time? And if so then each block is not really a reflection of the day, but just a block that I am having a whim to make. And then is this purely visual or is it at all conceptual? Of course I could argue that the visual IS conceptual in any case, but do I want more intent in this process?
My answers are this:
1.Literal is fine but more conceptual and symbolic is better.
2. No do-overs. None. I have to use the block I make.
3. No blocks ahead of time. The block must reflect some aspect of the day. If I don't have time to make one in a day I will make a sketch and color notes and do it when I can, which, once I go back to school, may be often.
4. This is conceptual with the intent to be a diary of my year and therefore a picture of myself.
5. No planning colors based on what would look nice. That would keep things more visual than symbolic, and my belief is that if I stay true to myself, then it will be a lovely blend when there are 365 blocks all together. And that is the surprise that I am looking for at the end of the year. That picture of myself. Therefore, 
6. Each block will be put away after the photo is taken and I will not look at them until the end.
O.k. Cool.

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  1. Wow. I'm happy just to get thru the day, much less to be able to record it in cloth. I am living vicariously thru this quilt. Yepper, just awesome.